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Realistic_Rain_v1.0.0.scs (3.6 MB)

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What are Mods in Video Games?

In the realm of video games, a mod (short for "modification") refers to the act of a player altering certain aspects of the game, such as its appearance or behavior. These modifications can vary in scale, ranging from minor tweaks to entirely new games created within the original one. Many games are designed with modifications in mind, making it easy for players to customize them to their liking.

What is a .ZIP / .RAR files?

Compressed archives are a collection of multiple files that are bundled into a single file, making it more convenient for users to send or save them on a disk. Archiving software offers additional features such as encryption, file spanning, checksums, self-extraction, and self-installation. The widely popular archive format is ZIP, preferred for Windows and OsX operating systems. The RAR format is also commonly used. Meanwhile, Linux primarily uses GZ & TAR formats, and Unix exclusively uses TAR.

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